Schooley's Mountain Chiropractic COVID-19 Update- Staying Healthy

With COVID-19 being part of our daily conversations at the office we wanted to reach out and inform our patients of the extra measures we are taking at Schooley’s Mountain Chiropractic.

How We Are Keeping the Office Safe

We have always and will continue to uphold the highest standards in sanitation procedures. That being said, we are taking even more steps at our cleaning of all areas of the office including the door handles, the front desk, and the treatment rooms. We re fully stocked on handwashing supplies for our patients and staff as well as face paper we use as a barrier on adjustment tables. The staff will continue to frequently wash hands and use hand sanitizer, as well as wipe down the tables and equipment between each patient.

What You Can Do To Help Out

We are asking that patients who have symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, and fatigue to let our staff know prior to your appointment. We will ask that you wear gloves and medical masks (if available) while you are in the office. Otherwise, we will ask you to stay in your car and call the office and when room3 or 4 opens up we will let you know to come through the side door and go directly in room 3 or 4. Since the adjustment is the most beneficial part of your treatment, we will provide that only while symptoms exist ( we may refrain from therapies). We may also ask you to move your appointment time to limit exposure. We want to make sure that we do everything we can to get your nervous system free of interference so you can heal as quickly and safely as possible!

Also, if you have recently traveled outside of the country, please advise our staff before coming in for your appointment.


1. Eat healthily, lots of fruits and vegetables

2. Get enough rest

3. Stay hydrated- a good rule of thumb is an ounce or two of water every 15-20 minutes at minimum. Hot teas and broth can help suppress viruses and bacteria.

4. Move your body as much as you can

5. Get some sun, 20 minutes in the direct sun with as much skin exposed as possible is a good start to increase your vitamin D.

6. Thinking positively, laughing, and of course, prayer have powerful effects on your well-being.

7. Wash your hands frequently, including wrists and under nails.

8. Get adjusted! This removes interference to your nervous system so your body can function the way it is supposed to.

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